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Last updated: 22 May 2016

Bookadrone uses cookies to track the performance of our site as well as to enrich the experience of our service. Cookies are in fact small files that can be placed on your computer when visiting a site so that preferences are remembered and a personalized service can be created to enrich the experience and help save time. It's also useful to know things like how many times you use a service using things like site analytics. That way we know what and how our features and services are being used so we can focus on improving performance and the best-loved parts of what we do.

Cookies are used in a number of ways but we use them as follows:

  • Measure how our site is beeing used which helps give us insights on how we can improve it.
  • Remembering site preferences that our personalised to your experience. Things like messages you have seen, login details and that sort of thing.

To learn how to managed cookies, find out more by visiting aboutcookies.org

We've got a more detailed look for you next.

We use Google Analytics to track general site analytics.

We use social plugins including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

Our forms remember who you are so you don't have to type in your name and email address respectively each time.

We use Youtube and Vimeo media players to showcase some operators showreels. These use session cookies.

Testing new features. Before a full-scale roll out of a new feature, we might decide to launch it for a short period of time to test performance and feedback. In this case, we might be using additional cookies to enable these features.