How to become a Pro Bookadrone buyer

How will you use Bookadrone?

Bookadrone is designed to make booking drones easy. We're building new features and additional services to enable the advancement of the commercial drone industry. We've pulled together some hot tips to help you navigate some of these features and build a simple workflow to booking drones.

1. Step one, understand the assignment

Because you're booking a service, achieving the best possible results starts with you the buyer. Knowing what you want and communicating it effectively with the operator is half the job. Those buyers who are used to buying media or data are pretty proficient already. But here are some tops tips.

Start planning as early as possible. Dates, times, and stakeholders will all need coordinating.

Know your budget and what that will buy you in the market.

Create a detailed brief. Get sign off internally.

2. Step two, sourcing the operator

We have a number of features to help source operators.

Firstly, we vet all of our operators to ensure they have legal and compliant documentation in place to carry out aerial assignments. To help with booking operations in advance, we display operators license and insurance expirations dates on their profile.

You can either use our search bar to search by county or use our map to browse our entire listings portfolio.

We've design operators pages to act as a showcase. All operators feature a showreel which conveys a sense of style, ability, and typical end results. We include specialties, other media, and company information.

3. Step three, booking the operator

Once you have identified an appropriate operator for your assignment, contact them with your brief.

For best results, it is advisable to include the following information if available.

  • Timelines
  • Location
  • Equipment requirements
  • Crew requirements
  • Brief