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How does it work?

We've made booking drones easy. Discover what's happening in the drone industry and how you can benefit. Select from our carefully selected and vetted commercial operators. Enquire direct with the operator. The operator will carry out the job to the highest standards. Once the job is complete the operator will submit the final assets. Tell us your feedback and enjoy another job success.

What are the latest CAA rules that govern commercial operations?

The CAA who govern UK airspace and regulate the commercial drone industry are constantly updating the regulations. We follow the updates and often blog about them to help make sense of what it means for the industry. The basic premise is that all aerial work that is carried out must be done by a qualified and licensed operator. The basic regulation sets out that operators must fly up no higher than 400ft from the ground, maintain visual line of sight and stay within 500m from the operator. Operations are to be kept away from congested areas and fly no closer than 50m from anyone or building. Exceptions are granted. Some of our operators have more advanced permissions where they can fly in built up areas, up to 600ft and even fly at night. These exceptions are marked on the individual operator profile pages to help identify.

Do I need a qualified drone operator?

Yes. By booking an operator who is not licensed you are potentially putting yourself at risk and others too. The operator will not be adequatly insured in the event that something goes wrong. Anyone who is operating without a license should be reported to the CAA who will build a case and press charges. We have made it incredibly easy to book a qualified operator. All operators on are qualified, insured and vetted for peace of mind.

How do I sign up as an operator?

Simply complete the sign up process which you can find here. Upon completion we will notify you of the next steps. We look forward to working with you.

What do you offer larger agencies and corporations?

We have been working with large corporations and agencies since day one. Depending on your requirements we offer a bespoke contract and SLA's with support. We are constantly advancing out customer service teams, product and offering in line with corporate demands. Get in touch with a team member today to discuss your requirements.

What information do you publish in your newsletter?

We publish information that matters to the industry. We will regularly share tips, news and reports on what's happening. By signing up you're joining thousands of other companies, operators, and interested parties who are learning the latest on drone technology and services.

Basic Questions

What is a drone?

A drone is a word used to describe what is essentially a fantastic new technology which makes vehicles smart. You can get drones that fly, sail, crawl and even dive into the depths of oceans. The thing which they all share in common is the computer onboard which is allowing an operator to command the vehicle remotely. The technology used in drones which are commonly used for commercial uses has stemmed from the same components which are used in our smart phones; the sensors, computer chips etc. The proliferation of commercial uses began when the aviation authorities licensed these vehicles for commercial use. The rest is history.

What are the safety implications of using drones?

Every operator is under the obligation to carry out jobs safely and to a high level of standard. This means the responsibility of safety is with them. It also means that if an operator deems a job to be unsafe at any stage they will not carry out the job or cancel the operation if conditions change. The environment is a huge factor into the safety of each operation and before each job the operator will do a health and safety assessment on the site and environment. Weather, buildings, people, power lines, other air traffic can all play a major part in the safety of an operation. It is important for clients to know that a job even when booked might have to keep canceled due to the operation not being safe to carry out. The operator will always have final say which we will support.

How can we use drones for our business?

The commercial use of drones is increasing rapidly. Companies using drones for media and data acquisition are benefiting from unique vantage points, unprecedented access and new supply management to name but a few. As the industry matures it is becoming increasingly important to have processes in place to manage work flows. We've built an easy to use platform which simplifies the process and creates greater access enabling companies to benefit with very little time and capital vested. In short we're helping a fast paced and changing landscape become relevant to you and your business.

How many operators do you work with?

We work with the leading drone operators in the country. They have vast experience in the way they operate, their local knowledge and for their expertise. Most of our operator supply services to the industry they have many years of experience in. That might be 20 years as a Director Of Photography working on blockbuster movies or it might be 25 years as a surveyor who now produces surveys higher quality and accurate maps using their aerial platform. We work with over 100 operators which means we can supply national coverage and very good lead times. As the industry progresses rapidly we are ensuring that we are building quality on the platform to give companies peace of mind when booking.

Do you work with any military applications?

Absolutely not. We work strictly for non military commercial purposes. These drones are used for good only.

Are there any restrictions to operations?

Yes. Every time an operator takes flight they have strict procedure they need to follow and all flight activity is logged. The restrictions are governed by the local aviation authority. Right now in most countries that means visual line of sight only, up to 400ft high and 500 meters away from you. This is generally enough to get a job done before moving to another location to carry out an additional operation if needed. The regulations are being updated regularly so it's important to keep up to date. We're creating a simple guide which can help. We will announce that in our newsletter so make sure you're signed up for that.

Are your operators insured?

Yes. In order to maintain a license each operator must have insurance. We keep track of operators insurance policies to make sure that they have a valid insurance policy at all times. There are different insurance policies on the market so some operators will have a more comprehensive policy than others. It is important that their policy covers the type of work that is being carried out and in the event of something going wrong that the policy is enough to cover for losses.

Who owns the intellectual property?

We have different contractual arrangements with different clients who need different levels of rights management. When booking direct with operators, you need to confirm with the opertor in advance the rights. It is important that your read our terms of service so you understand these when making a booking with our managed service

Company Information

What is Bookadrone?

Bookadrone is an online platform which allows companies to efficiently book commercial operators direct. We work with many companies and operators to craft beautiful images and data which create compelling stories or intelligence for the stakeholders we work with. With over 100 expert operators we cover the UK skies nationally and specialties in media and data acquisition. We're unique because we allow aerial operations to scale according to your requirements.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the look out for talented individuals. We receive a high volume of candidates who wish to join the team. Unfortunately we can't accept everybody but are looking for those exceptional individuals whose skills, ambition and ethos match ours. The best thing is to keep in touch, grab a coffee with one of us and see if there is chemistry. If we think you're amazing but just don't have the capacity yet then you will get a little 'Bookadrone awesome pack' full of goodies to show our appreciation and obviously be in touch when we have a position open for you. We're building the planets drone network so have our work cut out and need your help to make it a journey to remember. We also have a couple of intern positions available each summer. Make sure you send us a portfolio of work if applying. Stay in touch.

Do you have a press kit?

We do, you will find it here. Alternatively contact us direct and we will get back to your straight away

How do we contact you regarding partnerships

That's an easy one. Drop us a line on our contact us page and one of our partnership team members will be in touch.

What services do you offer?

We offer media and data solutions for companies. Working with our media operators we offer exceptional aerials which are simply breathtaking. The productions are being used in film, documentaries, news coverage and for promotional purposes. Our data acquisition providers can generate intelligence for companies by generating surveys, site inspections, 3D mapping and modeling, volumetric, progress reports to name but a few. And there are plenty more applications being created every day.

Do you except interns?

Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to take on internships. We are looking to start soon as we don't like turning away eager young talent looking to gain some real world experience. You can always contact us to put the pressure on.

Where are you based?

We are based in London, UK. It is where the team resides when not traveling or flying.

Booking Information

How does the weather impact bookings?

Weather impacts bookings as some drone platforms can't fly in heavy rain or high winds. Solar activity can also impact radio signals between the ground station and the drone itself so is taken into account. Operators will make an assessment before each job to ensure safety and that the conditions are right before each take off. Before making a booking it is important to check the weather forecast in advance. Because of weather being more suitable in summer it is often the busiest time of year and operators are booked well in advance during these times. Operators will also do their best to contact you in advance if the booking will not take place due to weather conditions. If this is the case then another date will have to be agreed upon and will be updated in your account accordingly. If adverse weather disrupts your booking on the day then again a new date will have to be agreed upon until the job is complete. For media bookings a snowy day can mean you capture rich shots so always submit a booking if you are unsure.

What happens if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during an operation, the operator will have to ensure the site is secured and a damage assessment can be made by either first responders and later insurance underwriters if necessary. Every job is insured to cover liabilities depending on the operators insurance policy. For more details on this you can check our terms of agreement. It is important that the operator and client contact us with details of the event so we can take the necessary steps to make good the booking. If the booking has resulted in losses then we will review the operators account with us and take necessary steps if the operator has been accepted as liable by the loss adjusters. Aerial work by operators is a skilled job which is why we take the time to vet each operator and why you should always use a service like ours to ensure you are using a license operator vs a non licensed operator.

How do I leave feedback?

If you have booked an operater via bookadrone and would like to leave feedback, please contact us using the form. We are developing a system to make this process easier.

Can I make a regular booking?

Yes. We look after a few larger clients facilitating their aerial bookings. If you wish to use our managed service. Please drop us a line

What lead time do you need?

As much lead time as possible is always appreciated. Some jobs require more detailed planning than others depending on the complexity of the operation. Travel plans might need to be organised for international bookings, sites might require a recce or to be secured before an operation can be carried out. Every job is different but generally as much lead time as possible. This will allow for any uncertainties to be ascertained before and make for a smooth operation on the day.

The drone industry uses a lot of acronyms and industry words. We've built a glossary to help guide you.

The Drone Glossary