Meet the first commercial expandable drone from DJI

by Ben Fisher

Posted on June 08, 2015

DJI announces its latest quadcopter specifically targeted at the commercial sector. Meet the Matice 100, a fully customisable flying platform allowing for extensive expansion. This drone is optimised to carry additional hardware to make it applicable to a wide range of applications and verticals. Where the Inspire 1 with its built in gimbal and camera is focused towards the media industry, this drone is clearly different in a number of key areas:

First, its frame allows for expansions bays which can be added on top of the frame or indeed below. The idea is to allow an area to add whatever payload takes your fancy, be it a camera, sensor, computing board, communication tools or anything else for that matter.

Second, universal power and communication ports allow simple plug and play assembly when customising the drone. No hacking, wiring or soldering required. This really takes the pain out of experimenting.

Thirdly, extra battery compartments. Flight time is a crucial aspect when considering integrating drones into business as usual. No one wants to worry about flight times when carrying out an operation and where consistency is an issue (especially in a commercial environment). Having the ability to add an additional battery to the drone can almost double flight time. The DJI Matrice 100 is boasting up to 40 minute flight times.

Some interesting extras…

Customisable mounting and balancing

Adjustable arm angles for greater torque

50% less vibration, rigidness and strength

Responsive quick release landing pads

Upgraded flight controller and integrated lightbridge

To summarise, the Matrice 100 is an out-of-the-box ready to fly platform which is ready for plug and play expansion. Linked with the DJI developer SDK and available support, the Matrice 100 will allow tinkerers, developers and industry to build bespoke applications easily and quickly with the reliability you would expect from a DJI product.

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