3D Robotics launches app development kit ‘DroneKit’

by Ben Fisher

Posted on March 26, 2015

3D Robotics has unveiled DroneKit, an open-source development kit for app development. This is a clear invite for the wider development community to build upon 3DR’s flight control software. The SDK and web API allow developers to build apps for the air, ground or cloud. Exciting times for anyone who is a 3DR customer. 3DR’s main competitor DJI also has a development kit available for the developer community.

Benefits of becoming a 3DR developer include:


Develop your drone apps for Android, laptops, embedded computers and web.


DroneKit builds on the work of thousands of contributors and years of R&D.


DroneKit works with copters, planes, rovers and even blimps!


No contracts to sign, no hoops to jump through. DroneKit is available to all.


Set up and take control of your drone in minutes, not days.


DroneKit can be extended to handle additional sensors and actuators.

DroneKit features include:

Fly paths with waypoints Fly in spline path with fine grain control over vehicle velocity and position Have the drone follow a GPS target Control the camera and gimbal with regions of interest points Access full telemetry from the drone over 3DR Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or over the internet View playbacks and log analysis of any mission DroneKit powers the most successful flight control programs in the world:

Tower (formerly Droidplanner), hands-down the best flight planning mobile app out there, was built on DroneKit for Android Droneshare, the global social network for drone pilots, is built on DroneKit web services Project Tango Indoor Navigation is built on Pixhawk, APM and Tower IMSI/Design TurboSite aerial reporting app for construction You can visit the dedicated website at DroneKit.

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