About Bookadrone

In Brief

Bookadrone is the best way to find and book commercial drone operators in the UK. We connect thousands of buyers with safe, licensed commercial drone operators every year.

Who We Are

We believe that drone technology and aerial services are revolutionising the way we see and interact with the world. We believe that drone operators are the pioneers who are the driving force in breathing drone technology into life. We believe it is our duty to help showcase this work and talent, while making it easy for buyers to access the very best services available.

What Guides Us

Increase access to the commercial drone industry. Drone technology and aerial services are a powerful combination. But without an easy way to access those services, there will be a delay in adoption and their benefits.

Be the trusted brand for buyers to connect with operators. Trust is something we strive for on a daily basis. With every interaction, every detail and every feature we hope to earn the trust of the buyers and sellers who use our service.

Develop market leading tools to enhance the experience for buying aerial services. In the future, drones will play a significant part in increasing production, telling stories, maintaining our environment and infrastructure and helping to protect and save lives. Bookadrone is developing some of the tools to enable this future.